The Night of the Rambler for Sale in Anguilla

The Night of the Rambler is now available in a number of wonderful locations in Anguilla.

For instance, at Kobbe Design Limited, an institution on the island with 40 years of experience in the Caribbean in general and in Anguilla since the mid ’80s. Its latest incarnation in the Old Factory building is elegant, traditional and, most importantly, it boasts many a copy of The Night of the Rambler!!!

The Night of the Rambler in Kobbe Design

Also at the lovely Lynne Bernbaum Art Gallery in Sandy Ground. Lynne has embraced the unique potential of Sandy Ground, opening till late in the evening for those coming to enjoy dinner or just a glass of vino at the island’s hub of excitement. She sells her unmistakable art, showcases the work of fabulous guest artists, and also has signed copies of The Night of the Rambler. As a matter of fact, she was our best seller last week!

Lynne Bernbaum Art Gallery

At ZaZaa boutique in Anguilla. Owner Sue Ricketts has been instrumental in the development of the tourist industry in Anguilla, from the earliest days of the Cap Juluca back in the ’80s, to her chain of tasteful boutiques presently scattered around the island.

The Night of the Rambler ZaZaa Boutique

At the Anguilla Drugstore, an almost compulsory stop whenever I’m on island. Regardless of what you need, the first thing that comes to mind is “maybe the drugstore has it.” They sure do, when it comes to the Rambler!

The Night of the Rambler at the Drug Store

And in the delightful little B&B that is Las EsQuinas in Little Harbour: classy, cozy and above all super relaxed. Can hardly think of a better place to devour The NIght of the Rambler, as you can probably guess from my face below with owner Robin Oglive…

The Night of the Rambler in Las Esquinas B&B

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